Metlakatla Water Treatment Facility

Prince Rupert, BC

Operating Company:

Adventure Construction


Metlakatla Governing Council

Contract Value:


Date Completed:

June 2015

One massive challenge faced by remote First Nations communities is water supply and treatment. The Metlakatla First Nation commissioned a major Water Treatment Facility upgrade project in 2014 to improve the water quality for the community.

Adventure Construction was awarded the project and began work in May 2014. The scope of work included:

  • upgrading two sewage lift stations
  • Installing 2,490 meters of underground sewer and water main utility lines
  • Building a three-cell aerated sewage lagoon treatment facility
  • Installing a UV disinfection station
  • Installing a gravity sewer flush tank
  • 500 tonnes of asphalt paving and road restoration
  • All testing and commissioning required to complete the project

As is common on North Coast projects, all access to the community is by water only. All equipment and materials were barged to the site and the crew travelled by water taxi daily. Adventure completed construction and commissioning in June 2015.

Project Details