Road construction & paving is our core business.

From major highway construction to marine and rail intermodal facilities to airports to municipal roads to parking lots and residential driveways- and all projects in between- we bring the same focus on execution and quality to all our clients.

We offer wide variety of custom mix designs and road construction services to client specifications:

  • Base grading and preparation
  • Hot- and Warm-mix asphalt paving
  • Polymer modified asphalt (PMA) mixes
  • Maintenance and asset management
  • Full Depth Reclamation
  • Asphalt emulsions
  • Pavement preservation
  • Chip seals and bituminous surface treatment
  • Airport runway and taxiway construction
  • Intermodal port construction and surfacing (marine and rail)

Terus also offers innovative solutions and new technologies from the Colas R&D Center for Science and Technology for custom applications and challenging specifications.